Studio Policies

  1. All students must be dressed properly for class.
    • BALLET - Pink tights; pink ballet and Pointe shoes; solid dark leotard (preferably black). Hair must be in a classical bun.
    • JAZZ/LYRICAL - Dance attire worn and proper shoes. (Jazz, Lyrical, Pedini), Pirouette Shoes). Hair secured.
    • TAP - Dance attire worn with tights, tap shoes with screws tightened (not protruding!) Hair secured.
  2. Students will not be allowed admission to class unless properly dressed and “on time”. Students are to be picked up no later than 5 (five) minutes after class dismissals. Adequate parking is provided for all those picking up children. Please come into the Studio to call for your child.
  3. Sanitary conditions must be maintained in the Studio. Your child must use the supplied receptacles for garbage; and must take all belongings with her or him when leaving the Studio. Dance clothing must be washed after each wearing.
  4. Registration Fee There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $50 for non company members, $75 for unlimited classes or $150 for company members.
  5. Monthly tuition is due before or on the 1st of every month. Late payments are subject to a late fee of $10 per class with a maximum of $40 per month. Failure to honor these requirements will result in your child being withdrawn from his or her classes.
  6. Studio use for other than scheduled classes will be strictly supervised. A rental fee will be charged (approximately $20 per hour) and paid to the Studio for all private, duet, trio, and ensemble lessons other than Company group rehearsals. Our special Equity-approved Timestep sprung floors make our Studio popular for rehearsals and auditions with entertainment groups. Insurance liability requires us to charge for outside usage. Fees are available on request.
  7. Cancellation/Refund policy. Lessons, including private solo, duet, trio, etc. which are cancelled with less than a 24 (twenty-four) hour notice will be charged the regular fee, unless a replacement can be found. Monthly lessons will not be refunded for the current month. A written letter 5 business days before the first of the month is needed to cancel all monthly lessons. Annual, Semi-Annual, and Bi-monthly payment policies payments are discounted and nonrefundable. An exception will be made for families relocating at least 50 miles away from the studio.
  8. Costume policy. Costume fees are due by September 1st or when billed. Costumes cannot be ordered after December. If the costume is available later, a late fee may be charged

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