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"Dancers are the athletes of God." ...Albert Einstein

Welcome to Rolann's School of the Dance, where dancing is for everyone and everyone can dance! Give the lessons that last a lifetime and let your child direct the wonderful energy of youth towards developing his/her body into a strong and graceful instrument for life. Join us at Rolann's and give your child a dance education which is a fun learning experience. For over thirty years, RSOTD has maintained a traditional approach which is refreshed with new ideas and a fresh, up-to-date understanding of how dance can be a creative influence in the growth of a child's mind, body and spirit. A studio that has developed "Presidential Scholars" and created in all its students a love for the arts can only function with a great faculty. Our teachers are not only internationally recognized dancers, but they are dancers who have been trained to teach, making RSOTD one of Top 50 Dance schools in the United States according to Dance Spirit Magazine! All our lives have been enriched because of their enthusiasm and the wholesome attitude that they bring to their classes Whether it be guidance for an experienced competitor or a beginning student, the love of dance must be a contagious experience for us all! We are dedicated first and foremost to the development of each student with xxx-nurturing and loving care. If one adds up the dozens of honors, scholarships and awards won by students from Rolann's for their work, it is clear that RSOTD leads Florida as the most outstanding dance home for successful dance athletes. All of the above is waiting for you and your child when you come to Rolann's School of the Dance, where dancing is for everyone and everyone can dance!


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