Cover to Cover Design specializes in understanding the unique relationship between an individual or organization and the visual elements that represent them and their product. At its core, Cover to Cover offers the highest quality in design with exhaustive research, a personal touch and the ability to synthesize design ideas that truly reflect the client. From designing CD packaging and logos, to posters, publications, and websites, we are committed to creating beautiful, innovative designs that have power and impact, no matter the size of the canvas.

Cover To Cover Design focuses on its customers’ needs, budgets and satisfaction. In every stage of the project, we partner with our clients through clear and open communication in a spirit of collaboration. Calling upon nearly 25 years experience with more than 1000 projects, we understand the value of delivering jobs on-time and on-budget. Our full range of services include concept, design, and pre-press, as well as image search and negotiating, clearance of photography usage rights, copywriting, studio and location photography, and illustrations. We design effective Web-based sites specifically geared to impulse-based selling. We are experts in package design for the recording industry, and our approach to point-of-sale material including leaflets, flyers, posters, and advertisements is creative, targeted, and proven effective.